Vocabularies Package

Maintain uniform JSON schemas for all ProcessMaker Platform assets in your organization.


Need to Learn How to Develop JSON Schemas?

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Use the Vocabularies package to maintain uniform JSON schemas across all assets in your organization. These assets include Processes, Screens, and Scripts.

Use Vocabularies to enforce compliance with a specific data structure in Request data for your Processes. Apply one or more Vocabularies to your Processes and/or specific BPMN elements in your Process models to ensure the JSON data model in Request data complies with a data structure you need to meet regulatory specifications or ensure Request data contains required information as each Request routes through workflow.

A Vocabulary is a JSON schema designed to annotate and validate ProcessMaker Platform assets to which that Vocabulary is applied. The JSON schema describes your existing data format(s) in both a machine and human readable structure. Any ProcessMaker asset to which that Vocabulary applies must conform to that JSON schema.

Use Vocabularies for the following reasons:

  • Ensure that data associated with the ProcessMaker Platform asset to which the Vocabulary applies complies with a required data format. For example, use a Vocabulary on a Task element. By extension, the Vocabulary applies to the Screen referenced by that Task element. The Vocabulary ensures that the Screen designer complies with the JSON schema as structured in the Vocabulary. This maintains consistency, validation, and compliance across any Task to which that Vocabulary applies.

  • Ensure the quality and compliance of submitted data. For example, ensure that information entered into a Screen for a Task complies with a regulatory specification.

The Vocabularies package has the following components after it is installed:

  • to an Intermediate Message Catch Event element.

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