Send Email Package

Send emails automatically during your Processes' Requests.


Use the Send Email package to automatically send emails during your Process Requests. The Send Email package has the following components after it is installed:

  • New Screen type: The Send Email package adds a new Screen type called Email. Use an email-type Screen to compose the email body for email messages to sent with the Send Email package. In doing so, use Variable Name setting values from Screens referenced in a Process model to customize the sent email. The content of referenced Email-type Screens become the email body content. When creating a new Screen, select the Email type.

  • Send email notifications from Task and Manual Task elements: Send email notifications when a Task or Manual Task element triggers, completes, or under a specified condition. Include either plain text or the contents of an Email-type Screen as the email body content.

The Send Email package provides mailer drivers for the following services:

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