PM Blocks Package

Use reusable and pre-built Process Modeler objects created from a set of other objects to serve a specific purpose or function.


PM Blocks have the following attributes:

  • PM Blocks are pre-built, packaged Processes: PM Blocks are ready-to-use, packaged Processes with their own configuration settings designed by the Process Designer who built the PM Block. PM Blocks are no-code to place in Process Modeler.

  • PM Blocks are reusable: PM Blocks are reusable by any Process Designer with appropriate permissions, and then configured for each business solution. Configuration settings, such as authentication to a third-party service, are separate from the objects within the PM Block. This allows PM Blocks be quickly configured and deployed regardless of technical expertise or the involvement of Administrators.

  • Built in Process Modeler: PM Blocks are built from Process Modeler, saved as a Process, and then saved as a PM Block. Process Designers can design complex functionality that other Designers may leverage with no technical skills.

  • Save a Process as a PM Block: Any user with appropriate permissions may save a Process as a PM Block and/or use a PM Block in a Process model.

  • Built PM Blocks are accessible from Process Modeler for Process design: Within Process Modeler, PM Blocks are available in a separate tab in the left-side panel, adjacent to the ProcessMaker BPMN elements and connectors. With the appropriate permissions, a Process Modeler may place a PM Block as its own object, and then configure it with the configuration settings built for that PM Block.

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