The Package Skeleton

The Skeleton Package is a template to get started with ProcessMaker Platform Packages


The skeleton package provides the necessary base to start developing a package for ProcessMaker Platform. Because ProcessMaker is built with Laravel, this is essentially a skeleton package for Laravel, with some modifications to ease development within the ProcessMaker Platform.

Step 1: Getting Started

Clone the repo

git clone

Set Package Name

Change the package name (default is package skeleton) throughout the package to whatever name you would like:

cd package-skeleton
php rename-project.php string_to_replace

Step 2: Install Composer


Make sure composer and any dependencies are installed correctly:

composer update && composer install

Node Modules

npm install && npm run dev


In order to install your package in ProcessMaker, here are the step-by-step instructions.

Don't forget to replace the name you changes above when executing the commands below. They use the default name of package-skeleton but should be replaced with what you changed the name to.

Require the Package

Require the package with Composer and thereby adding it to the composer.json file as a dependency of the application:

composer require processmaker/package-skeleton --ignore-platform-reqs

Run the installation command

php artisan package-skeleton:install

The installation code is located within Laravels artisan console commands. You can find additional details about it here: Artisan Docs

  • Navigate to the admin menu in your ProcessMaker Platform instance.

  • You should see your new menu item "Package Skeleton" or whatever you named your package, in the left sidebar.


Note: it is up to the developer to add any necessary code or proceedures to the install and uninstall commands. These can include adding and removing tables in the database, setting or removing api keys etc

  • Use php artisan package-skeleton:uninstall to uninstall the package.

  • Use composer remove processmaker/package-skeleton to remove the package completely.

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